Ubud Art Museums

As the cultural heart of Bali, it's only fitting that the city is home to several museums that collect and display the rich history of Balinese arts. There are four main museums around town. Depending on where you're staying, these are within easy walking distance. All except the ARMA museum are on Ubud Raya street.

Balinese Art
Detail of work by Ida Bagus Nyoman Rai
Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)
The ARMA museum, while displaying the work of many traditional Balinese artists, also has a very interesting modern collection, and also puts on traditional dance shows as well.
The Blanco Renaissance Museum
Of the museums listed, the fantastical Blanco Renaissance Museum is the only one devoted to a single artist: Don Antonio Blanco.
Neka Museum
Neka aims to preserve the traditional Balinese arts, while also collecting some of the finest examples of contemporary art. The museum also has an extensive display of keris daggers.
Puri Lukisan Museum
Ubud's oldest museum is also the closest to the center of town. Puri Lukisan was started by an artists cooperative formed by the King of Ubud and his brother, as well as a couple of prominent foreign artists.