Bali Tips & Advice

This page indexes our collection of tips and advice for Bali. Use the links below to find out more information to help you plan your trip.

Getting There & Getting Around in Bali

Indonesia Visas
Don't forget to get your visa! You probably need one to visit Bali. Read this page for costs, including visa-on-arrival procedures.
Ngurah Rai International Airport
This page provides an overview of Bali's airport, for both arrivals and departures. Also covers some visa and departure tax issues.
Bali Airport Business Lounge
Traveling business class or a Star Alliance Gold Card member? Then read this page to find out what facilities you'll have on your departure.

Balinese Public Holidays

The Balinese new year is day of contemplation - and complete quiet. Everything closes down for the day, including restaurants and airports.


Power throughout most of Bali is 220 to 240 Volts AC. Power outages can be frequent during the rainy season. Power plugs are recessed receptacles taking two round prongs. Bring an adapter with you.

Indonesian Money & Currency

The currency of Indonesia is the Rupiah. At current exchange rates, one Indonesian Rupiah is worth 0.0001 USD while one USD is worth 0.86 IDR. To convert specific amounts or other currencies, please use our currency converter. For more information on money and exchange, see our full article.

Taxes, Tipping & Service Charges

In big tourist areas such as Bali, restaurants will normally add tax and service charges on to the menu prices printed in the menu. This can add up to around 21% so be sure to check the menu when ordering to avoid surprises. Where a service charge is not automatically added on, you may wish to tip 5% to 10% for good service.

Safety & Security in Indonesia

Anybody visiting Bali is wise to think about their safety and security. The good news is that, given a minimum of precautions, you can have a perfectly safe and enjoyable trip to anywhere in Indonesia. More...