Business Class Lounge - Bali Airport

Bali Premier Lounge
Looking towards the rather generous buffet area of the Premier Lounge in Bali's international airport.

I'll admit it: The Premier Lounge at Bali's international airport is probably my favorite business lounge. Why? Well, let's start with the view. Although the airport sits right on the ocean, there are very few places in the departure area where you can catch sight of the waves crashing on the reef that surrounds the airport. The best view by far is from the Premier Lounge, thanks in part to its third floor location. Most of the comfy plush seats have a view of the ocean, and there's even a terrace outdoors where you can sit for a completely unobstructed view.

But there's more to this lounge than just the view. There's also a better than average buffet offering cold as well as hot foods. Fresh juices, beers and assorted spirits are also on offer.

Other services include showers in the bathrooms, and a foot massage service at the added cost of 50,000 Rupiah (3.00 USD) for 10 minutes.

It's not all perfect. There is at least one drawback, which is the lack of internet facilities. There is no wi-fi service in the lounge - or anywhere in the airport for that matter - and there are only a couple of computers with very slow connections to use in the lounge.

The Premier Lounge is made available by most airlines to their business class passengers. 'Gold' members of Star Alliance airlines can also access the lounge, but you may need to obtain a pass when checking in. Be sure to present your frequent flyer card when checking in to get a pass for the lounge.