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Map of East Bali
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The hills of eastern Bali were once home to some of the most powerful kings of Bali. The few remains of their palaces and playgrounds, such as the Tirta Gangga water palace, give you a glimpse into the Bali that existed before World War II and independence. The area is also home to several of Bali's most important temples, such as the Besakih 'mother temple' and the Goa Lawah bat-cave temple.

East Bali is very popular with scuba divers, and several of the main destinations around the region are heavily oriented to those seeking underwater sights. Among the various developed areas, Candidasa is probably has the most to offer, and is the one town you'll likely find the most non-diver friendly.

What you won't find much of in east Bali are sandy beaches. Thanks to some badly degraded reefs, and the geology of the landscape, the region has a mostly rocky shore line. There are beaches around the southern area of Padang Bai, and you will find some beaches here and there, but east Bali is not the best destination for those that need to lay around on sandy beaches.