Padang Bai, East Bali

Padang Bai Area Map
map of Padang Bai
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Padang Bai is where the main ferry terminal for boats to Lombok is located. Both slow and fast boats to Lombok and the Gilis can be boarded here. The bay is also used as the departure point by a lot of dive shops for trips to Nusa Penida and other off-shore dive sites. The town has a somewhat wild-west gritty feel to it, with lots of budget accommodations lining the bayfront, while dive boats and other craft line the beach. While Padang Bai does have a beach, unlike other East Bali destinations, it's still not a place I would recommend for a beach holiday. However, over the hill from the main town is the so-called "Blue Lagoon" area, which does have a nice beach without the industrial feel. That is where what appears to be the city's poshest resort is located, the Bloo Lagoon Village.