Goa Lawah Bat Cave Temple

Goa Lawah Temple
Photos of the Goa Lawah Temple in east Bali. Click on any of the thumbnails to see the full size image.
Beach Shrines
Temple Entrance
Cave and bats

On Bali's eastern coast is the small but important temple of Goa Lawah. The temple itself is built just in front of a cave opening in the coastal cliffs. The cave is home to thousands of fruit bats, and according to legend, a giant dragon-like snake called Basuki also makes the cave its home.

The legends also say the cave extends all the way to Besakih temple, more than 30 kilometers (19 miles) away. Apparently, fear of the giant snake has kept anyone from checking this legend out.

Goa Lawah is Bali's most important temple for matters pertaining to the afterlife. On holy days, the beach in front of the temple is the site for funeral rites for those that can afford it.

Admission Fees

The temple is open every day. There is a 5,000 Rupiah (0.30 USD) entrance fee, plus mandatory sarong rental.