Singapore at a Glance

In a hurry? Don't want to wade through a lot of pages of information? Then just read this one. We've summarized all you really need to know about Singapore in a nutshell. Of course, there are still links to all the details, if you want to know more.

Is Singapore For You?

Singapore is a large, modern, cosmopolitan city. Those looking for a true "Asian" experience would be disappointed by the city-state. The city is also so small that it's hardly a destination in itself. However, Singapore's central location in Southeast Asia makes it a great starting or stopping point. With its world class airline connecting Singapore to the rest of the world, the city makes a convenient gateway to the rest of Southeast Asia, particularly for first-time visitors, who can use the city to ease into Asia.

When to go to Singapore

There is no particularly good or bad time to visit Singapore. The weather is more or less the same all year around. You may wish to avoid some of the big events of the year, such as national day in August or Chinese New Year, when hotels tend to be booked up, and thus more expensive.

How to Get to Singapore

Singapore's Changi airport is the second-busiest in Southeast Asia, making the city-state very accessible from just about anywhere in the world. You can also get to Singapore by road or rail from Malaysia, or by sea from Indonesia. See the Getting There page for more information.

Where to Stay in Singapore

Singapore has some great hotels, including the world famous Raffles. When looking for a hotel, I prefer places that are on the subway lines for easy transport around town. See my list of suggested hotels for more ideas.

Getting Around Singapore

One of the things that makes Singapore such a great place to visit is the ease with which you can get around. The city's subway system can whisk you to just about any part of the island. If necessary, taxis are clean, efficient and cheap, and they can send you to any part of the island given just the address. See the Getting Around page for more information and links.

What To See & Do

It's a bit cliché, but Singapore does have something for just about everyone. There's some amazing nature reserves, sandy beaches, world class shopping, museums, architecture, and many other things to see and do. A few "must see" attractions include Raffles Hotel, Chinatown, and the Orchard Road shopping area.

Singapore Shopping

Singapore's shopping is world-renowned. It's pratically a national sport here. Shops are full of name brand goods and the latest electronics. See the shopping page for all the details.


The currency of Singapore is the "Singapore Dollar". One Dollar is divisible into 100 cents. Major credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. Travelers checks are not widely accepted outside of hotels, so change them for cash at a bank exchange, which you'll find in any and every tourist destination. See our money matters page for more information.