Singapore Essentials

Explore the links below to find all the basic information you need to know for Singapore, such as how to get there, where to stay and what to eat.

Getting There
Most people arrive in Singapore by air. Its status as a major airline hub in Asia makes Singapore a natural starting or ending point for a multi-country tour of Southeast Asia. Since its an island, you can naturally arrive by sea, although it seems that very few do. Lastly, you can get to Singapore by road or train from Malaysia.
Singapore has a huge number of hotels to choose from. Most are located in the Orchard-Marina corridor near the major tourist attraction of Singapore: shopping, and the favorite past-time: business.
Getting Around
Singapore has to be just about the easiest city to get around, not only in Asia but the entire world. An integrated and extensive rapid transit system is designed to make it easy to get anywhere quickly. It has to be, since taxes have intentionally made personal cars in Singapore the most expensive in the world.
Food & Drink
Singapore's melting pot of cultures each has their own cuisines, so its quite easy to find Chinese, Indian, Malay and Indonesian food. The closest thing Singapore has to a native cuisine is generally referred to as Nonya and mixes Chinese ingredients with Malay herbs and spices. Of course, as with any big international city, you can easily find the foods of just about every culture on the planet. You just have to know where to look.