Singapore for Special Interests

Here are some links to information pages for those looking for specific travel information on things other than the run-of-the-mill sights.

Business Tips
Singapore can be as easy for the businessman as it is for the tourist. Business generally conforms to western style practices, without the "funny business" that can plague business dealings in many other countries in the region. The most common mistake is assuming that easy success in Singapore will lead to equally easy success elsewhere in the region. Many a company has done well in Singapore only to fail miserably in Malaysia or Thailand.
The British imported Chinese workers as well as peoples from other parts of the empires. These groups often congregated into their own districts, giving Singapore areas with distinctive buildings and styles. Take a walk down Arab street, where you'll find fabrics from across Asia. Not far from here, along Serangoon street, is "little India." Of course, there's also a Chinatown.
Family Fun
On the whole, Singapore is a rather family friendly destination. Just about all of the major tourist attractions have something for the kids. The places listed here are of special interest to those needing to keep small children busy.
Gay / Lesbian
Although its former colonial masters in Britain have long since repealed most of their anti-homosexual laws, in Singapore they are still on the books. However, all reports seem to indicate that the government has taken more or less a live and let live policy, and the laws are not often enforced.
Health & Fitness
Staying fit and healthy while on the road can be a challenge. Granted, if you're on vacation you might be forgiven for giving the gym a miss. However, if you're on the road for business, you may want to find places to work off those business meals and airport junk food.
We saw somewhere that Singapore claims to have invented "shop 'til you drop." We're not so sure they invented it, but they certainly seem to have gone a long way to perfecting it. Prices on everything from designer clothes to the latest in digital electronics are among the lowest in the world. While the number of shopping centers and districts seems almost infinite, for the full-on experience, head for the intersection of Orchard and Scotts roads (Orchard MRT station). Of course, this is where just about everyone else goes, so you'll probably find yourself clawing through some crowds, but that's all part of the fun, isn't it?