Gay & Lesbian Singapore

Although its former colonial masters in Britain have long since repealed most of their anti-homosexual laws, in Singapore they are still on the books. However, all reports seem to indicate that the government has taken more or less a live and let live policy, and the laws are not often enforced.

The result is a developing gay scene, although one which is still very discreet.

Gay and Lesbian Resources

The old Singapore Boy site merged and was reborn as Trevvy, a "lifestyle & community" site.
Utopia Asia
Award-winning portal site containing extensive and up-to-date information and links for the GLBT traveler to Asia.
This Singapore based site offers a large selection of personals, as well as travel information around Asia. Fridae is the founder and sponsor of several large gay events, such as the Nation Party.
Women's Nite
"Women's Nite provides a safe, neutral and alcohol-free space for lesbians and bisexual women in Singapore to gather and discuss the issues relevant to their lives."
" Founded by a group of women aged between 18 to 42, from diverse backgrounds, economic status, nationalities and races, we aim to empower queer women with a two-prong approach; to encourage dialogues within our community through our sayoniforum and to educate by informing the public through our publishing site, sayonispeak."

Gay Travel Guides

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