Getting to Singapore

Most people arrive in Singapore by air. Its status as a major airline hub in Asia makes Singapore a natural starting or ending point for a multi-country tour of Southeast Asia. Since its an island, you can naturally arrive by sea, although it seems that very few do. Lastly, you can get to Singapore by road or train from Malaysia.


As noted above, Singapore is a major air hub. Most large international airlines have routes to Singapore, in addition to the island's own highly regarded airline, Singapore Airlines.

Regional Airlines

A number of regional airlines, especially budget carriers, call on Singapore, and a few of them are even based there. Here's a short list:

Silk Air
This Singaporean airline flies to destinations such as Yangon, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and many cities in Indonesia.
Air Asia
Air Asia is Malaysia's discount domestic carrier. If you book well in advance you can get some absolutely rock bottom fares. Air Asia flies to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur.
Jet Star Asia
One of Singapore's own home grown budget carriers. We've actually found flying with Jet Star to be a rather pleasant experience. See our complete review of Jet Star Asia for more information.
Valuair merged with Jet Star in early 2005 but still operates under a separate name. You can book through flights on either airline. Valuair flies mainly to destinations in Indonesia, including Bali, as well as Hong Kong and Manila.
Tiger Airways
Probably the largest of Singapore's budget carriers. Destinations include Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Danang, Macau and Manila.

Changi Airport, Singapore

Changi rates high on many people's lists of the world's best airports. It certainly rates high on our list as well. The shopping and food outlets on offer are extensive and various, although the prices aren't that much of a bargain. Add to that free Wi-Fi and plentiful free internet terminals as well as day rooms, complete gyms and easy access to the city.

Trains to Singapore

Singapore can be reached by train from cities in peninsular Malaysia or Thailand. Malaysian Rail has daily trains traveling up and down the entire length of the Malay peninsula.


Traveling by bus is not something that readily comes to mind, but there are some excellent services between Singapore and Malaysia that offer a level of comfort that can even out-do first class air flight. Check out Plus Liner or Konsortium for more information.

Singapore Visas

Citizens of the USA, EU and Commonwealth countries do not require a visa to enter Singapore. These travelers will receive a minimum of 14 days' visa free entry. US citizens get as much as 90 days, depending on the form of entry.