Jet Star Asia Airline Review

Jet Star Asia was formed in late 2003 as a joint venture between Australian carrier Qantas and several Singaporean investors. It is an Asian extension of the Jet Star brand that Qantas created in Australia.

The airline exclusively flies Airbus A320 airliners. The single class cabins are laid out in the three-plus-three configuration typical of economy class in the A320. Seats have a nice leather-like fabric, comfortable width, and the seat pitch (spacing) is quite generous. In fact, our impression is that it's even better than some full fare airlines in the region.

Jet Star Asia Destinations

Jet Star currently flies between Singapore and Bangkok, Phuket, Yangon, Seam Reap, Hong Kong and Manila.

Jet Star Asia Pricing & Service

Air fares vary according to the day of the week - weekends are more expensive days to fly than week days - and time of day. Prices for the Bangkok to Singapore route run from US$35 to $60 each way. Our total price for a round trip, including taxes and services fees, was about US$125.

Jet Star Asia Booking

You can book your flights online at the Jet Star Asia web site. Note that they only accept Visa and Mastercard credit card payments.