Asian Gay Resources

In many Asian cultures, close relationships and affectionate behavior in public between people of the same sex is very common and accepted. But such relationships are not necessarily gay. Still, sexual relationships between men are assumed to be quite common and accepted, so long as they are kept private.

Few places have a "scene" in the western style, since being overtly gay is still not acceptable in many countries. Thailand has perhaps the most developed gay community, as well as a commercial scene. Somewhat surprisingly, Singapore also has a number of places for gay people to meet and party.

Resources for Gay Travelers

Travel Services

There are a number of 'boutique' travel agencies around Southeast Asia. Most specialize in a specific destination, so see the Gay / Lesbian pages for each country for these. The agencies below have a wider reach to offer you a multi-country trip.

Purple Dragon
The guys at Purple Dragon specialize in personalized travel throughout Asia. Choose from a variety of base packages that you can add special side trips to for a one of a kind vacation experience.

General Information

Award-winning web site with lots of information for all of Asia.
PLU Guide
"People Like Us" is a Singaporean based company publishing free maps to several Southeast Asia destinations. You can view the current guide online, and also get it mailed to you for only the cost of postage.
This Singapore based site offers a large selection of personals, as well as travel information around Asia. Fridae is the founder and sponsor of several large gay events such as the Nation Party, Asia's biggest 'circuit' party.

Travel Guidebooks

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