Golden Mount Walking Tour

Golden Mount Walking Tour

This guide is also available in ebook formats as part of the Bangkok Walking Tours eGuide.

There are many interesting sights in Bangkok's royal city. The best way to the most of them, and get a feel for the "real" Thailand, is to explore on foot. The "Golden Mount Walking Tour" starts at an artificial hill just outside the old royal city walls and takes you on a meandering path that takes in temples, museums, parks and other sights.

Our eGuide, "Golden Mount Walking Tour", combines the detailed information about these sights with useful information about how to get from place to place and the minor sights along the way. The content, most of which is taken from this web site, is enhanced with margin notes giving you background information and bits of trivia you won't find anywhere else. You'll find far more detail than you'll get from any travel guide, in a small format that's easy to take with you.

Sample Pages
Some of the pages from "Golden Mount Walking Tour"

"Golden Mount Walking Tour" is 16 letter-sized pages in length. Like all our web guides, it is delivered in Adobe Acrobat ('PDF') format, a universal document format that can be displayed and printed on any computer, as well as a wide selection of hand-held devices, using the free Acrobat Reader. Why should you buy an eGuide when the content on the site is free? See our FAQ for the answer to this question, and many more.