Bangkok Walking Tours

Bangkok Walking Tours

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This eBook provides describes three walking tours that you can follow on your own to explore Bangkok. The tours take in different parts of the city, such as Chinatown, the curious “Golden Mount” area, and the 'other' side of Bangkokk - Thonburi. Each tour includes a route map, step-by-step instructions on how to get from one stop to the next, and detailed descriptions of each of the main sights.

Our eGuide, “Bangkok Walking Tours”, combines the detailed information about the sights with useful information about how to get there, as well as how to make your way around Bangkok quickly and easily. The content, most of which is taken from this web site, is enhanced with end-notes giving you background information and bits of trivia you won't find anywhere else. You'll find far more detail than you'll get from any travel guide, in a small format that's easy to take with you.

“Bangkok Walking Tours” is approximately 14,000 words in length, with numerous maps and photographs. It is delivered in either Mobi (Amazon Kindle) or ePub formats, the two most popular eBook formats. Why should you buy an eGuide when the content on the site is free? See our FAQ for the answer to this question, and many more.

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Price: $ 2.99 ePub Version Kindle (mobi) Version

Special note: If you're interested in more than one of my Bangkok guides, note that all three ebooks are available as a single bundle. The bundle includes this book, Bangkok Essentials and Bangkok Museums. The bundle is available for both ePub and Mobi readers, only from Ganxy.