Frequently Asked Questions about our eGuides

Frequently Asked Questions

What are eGuides?
Our eGuides are small, informative collections of the latest travel information from and These guides are delivered either in in 'PDF' format, so they can be read - and printed - on any computer, or in popular 'eBook' formats that can be read on-the-go on hand-held devices. The guides focus on specific topics, such as popular sights in a destination or walking tours, and include detailed information about how to get around and when to go. The guides are easier to take with you, and cheaper as well as more up to date than a traditional guide book.
Are the eGuides the same as the site content?
Most of the content is the same as you'll find on the web site. However, you would have to print out dozens of pages from the site to get the information, resulting in a much bigger document than the eGuides, which are optimized for printing. The eGuides also include "margin notes" relating bits of trivia, historical background and other information not found in the site at all.
Why should I pay for an eGuide when the site is free?
There are several reasons:
  1. The eGuides include content not found on the site.
  2. The PDF eGuides can be printed and taken with you a lot easier than printing out pages of the site.
  3. You'd look really silly walking through the Grand Palace with your laptop turned on, and there's no wi-fi access there anyway.
Which format is right for me?
The eGuides come in two formats, Mobi and ePub. Mobi and ePub are meant to be read on electronic readers. The Mobi format is used by Amazon's Kindle, while the ePub format is supported by several popular ebook reader programs, such as Apple's iBooks. Note that you don't have to have a Kindle device to read Kindle books. The software is available free from Amazon for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. If you have an iPad, tablet or smartphone that you plan to take with you, then either the Mobi or ePub formats will work for you.
How do I purchase the eGuides?
Purchases are handled securely handled by Gumroad. You may use Paypal or a credit card to complete your purchase.
I've bought an eGuide, how do I get it?
After completing payment procedures at Gumroad, you'll be given a link throug which to download your eGuide.
Can I print my eGuide?
The Mobi and ePub formats are not designed to be printed, but if you have the appropriate software, there is nothing stopping you.
What else can I do with eGuides?
You may:
  • Give copies of the PDF guides to (a few) friends.
  • Email the PDF guides to (a few) friends.
  • Leave them behind at your hotel or guesthouse.
You may not:
  • Sell the eGuides.
  • Offer them for download from your own web site.
  • Distribute them as part of your business.
    Travel agencies, tour companies and others interested in distributing these guides as part of their services may contact us about a co-branding arrangement.
I'm a Journalist, Travel Writer, etc. Can I get a review copy?
Yes, please contact us with information about yourself and where any review would be published, and we'll be in touch.