Melaka Museums

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an important place in the history of Malaysia, there are a lot of museums in Melaka, more than 20 in all. Many of the museums are operated by the government owned Melaka Museum Corporation, known as PERZIM. A number of museums are probably only of interest to Malays, but there are still many places to see.

You're unlikely to want to take in all of these places. The Maritime Museum, with its full-size replica of a Portuguese galleon, is probably one of the most popular. I would also highly recommend the Cheng Ho Museum and the Baba Nyonya Heritage House. If you're still in the mood, then take in the Malaysian History and Ethnography Museum and the Sultanate Palace.

Most of the museums charge only a modest fee of 1 to 3 Ringgit (0.20 USD to 0.61 USD) to enter, and some are free, so museum hopping in Melaka is not very costly.

Architecture Museum
The Architecture Museum aims to interpret Malaysian architectural forms, from traditional indigenous forms through the colonial influences.
Melaka Art Gallery
The Art Gallery displays works by local artist, both Melakan and from around Malaysia. A large area is devoted to rotating exhibits.
Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum
The museum is housed in a classic nineteenth century Chinese shophouse, restored to the state it was in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.
Cheng Ho Cultural Museum
The Ming dynasty admiral Cheng Ho (or Zheng He) figures prominently in the history of Melaka. He visited the city-state on at least five of his seven great voyages, and set up his own warehouse / depot in the area.
Democratic Government Museum
The original home to the Melaka State Legislative Assembly now houses a museum documenting Malaysia's road to democracy.
Governors Mansion
The former residence of the state governors is now a museum highlighting the importance of the state governors.
History & Ethnography Museum
Housed in the Stadthuys, this museum recounts the history of Melaka, from its founding by an exiled Indonesian Prince to independence.
Islamic Museum
A museum recounting the history of Islam in Melaka, from it's introduction soon after the city-state's founding to the present day.
Literature Museum
Contains displays on the written history of Malaysia, as well as profiles of many important contemporary Malaysian writers.
Malay & Islamic World Museum
Closed at last check.
Maritime Museum
Definitely the 'star' of Melaka's museums, this full size replica of a Portuguese ship definitely gets your attention.
People's Museum
The People's Museum may well be the quirkiest of Melaka's many museums. The building also houses the Museum of Enduring Beauty and the Kite Gallery.
Proclamation of Independence Museum
The museum houses mementos from the struggle for independence, which includes a few armored vehicles.
Stamp Museum
For stamp collectors, this is the place to be.
Sultanate Palace Museum
The Sultanate Palace Museum is a replica of the fifteenth century palace of the Sultans who ruled Melaka, now used as the Malaysian Cultural Museum.
UMNO Museum
A museum dedicated to the movement that helped Malaysia attain independence, and which became a political part.
Malaysian Youth Museum
The Malaysian Youth Museum aims to document the contribution of Malaysia's young people to the country.