Getting To Melaka

The bus to Melaka
Interior of the Transnasional Bus to Melaka

Melaka is easy to get to, although getting there in style is not so easy. There is really no direct train or air service, although Melaka does have an airport. The nearest train station is in Tampin, on the main line from Singapore.

Buses are plentiful between Melaka and both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. It's about a two hour trip from Kuala Lumpur, a little longer from Singapore. Malaysian buses are surprisingly comfortable and efficient. You can get buses from Kuala Lumpur's bus terminal near the National Sports Complex, Kuala Lumpur International Airport bus terminal, or the Low Cost Carrier Terminal. All buses will take you to Melaka's Sentral bus terminal, a short distance from the center of town. A taxi from here to any place in town will cost you no more than RM 15.00 (3.05 USD). The cost of the bus will be from RM 12 to 22 (2.44 USD to 4.48 USD), depending on where you get the bus to / from.

If you're willing to splash out the cash, you can also get a taxi from Kuala Lumpur city or Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Melaka. The cost will be around RM 150 (30.53 USD) one way.