People's Museum

The Peoples Museum
The People's Museum in Melaka

The People's Museum may well be the quirkiest of Melaka's many museums. It's charter is to document the economic and social progress of Malaysia since independence. It accomplishes that with artworks and mementos that focus on the people.

The building also houses the oddly named "Museum of Enduring Beauty". According to their official blurb, the "permanent exhibition in this museum encapsulates records and history of beauty manifested by men from various cultures and beliefs." Subjects covered include tattooing and other forms of body modification.

The top floor of the People's Museum holds the Kites Gallery, showing the history of Malaysian kites, both as art, sport and instruments of war There are also exhibits of kite making.

The museum is open daily from 9:00 to 5:30. Admission is RM 2.00 (0.41 USD). See the St Paul's Hill page for location information.