Getting to Yogyakarta

Being well on the main tourist trail, Yogyakarta is well connected to the other main tourist and business cities of Indonesia.

Yogyakarta By Air

The national carrier, Garuda, offers several flights between Jakarta or Bali and Yogyakarta. Some of the other domestic carriers also provide service to other destinations such as Surabaya. See the page on getting around Indonesia for a list of domestic carriers.

Domestic Arrivals in Yogyakarta

On landing at Yogyakarta's airport, your plane will park on the tarmac. There are no sky bridges at this airport. From the plane, you'll be directed to the arrivals hall and baggage claim. Note that you'll need your baggage claim check to give to the guards before exiting the baggage claim area.

Once out of baggage claim, you'll find yourself in the greeting area, where you can contact the taxi desk for transportation. Most Yogyakarta hotels are within a 20 minute drive of the airport, in normal traffic.

Domestic Departures from Yogyakarta

As at all airports in Indonesia, you must pass through security in order to enter the terminal building. After getting yourself and your bags through security, you can check in at the airline counter. After getting your boarding pass, you can proceed to the counter to pay the departure tax. Immediately after the tax counter is another security screening before you can access the departure lounge. The lounge has a number of shops and food outlets available.

Domestic Departure Tax for Yogyakarta

The departure tax is 25,000 Rupiah (1.50 USD) for domestic flights.

Yogyakarta By Train

There is express train service between Jakarta and Yogyakarta. The train may also be your best bet to get to Solo from Yogya. The Prambanan Express runs every two hours or so and takes just an hour to get from Solo to Yogya.