Yogyakarta Museums

As Indonesia's 'cultural capital' there are a number of museums around Yogyakarta. Here's a short list of the options available that you might want to visit:

Museum Affandi
The artist known simply as Affandi is one of Indonesia's most famous artists. His former home and studio is now a museum displaying his work, his collection and the work of other Indonesian artists.
Carriage Museum
The carriage museum is housed in a building to the west of the main Kraton palace in Yogyakarta and displays the carriages once used by the sultans and their family.
Sonobudoyo Musuem
The Sonobudoyo Museum near the Kraton reputedly has a collection of archaeological artifacts that is second only to the National Museum in Jakarta.
Fort Vredeburg
Fort Vredeburg is the old Dutch fort across from the presidential palace. The current fort was built in the middle of the nineteenth century. In the 1980s it was renovated and turned into a museum documenting the Indonesian struggle for independence.
Sono Art Complex
Housed in a wing of the Presidental Palace, the museum houses an art collection in a building that was completed in 1915.