Candi Sewu Temple

The main sanctuary The main sanctuary of Candi Sewu

Candi Sewu is a Buddhist temple just 800 meters north of the great Prambanan complex, yet very few people visit the place when they come to Prambanan. In overall concept, the plan of Sewu loosely resembles that of Prambanan, in that a large central sanctuary is surrounded by a large number (240 to be exact) of smaller chapels. However, Sewu is much smaller than Prambanan, and the central sanctuary is but a single structure, topped by five stupas. Although smaller than Prambanan, Sewu is the second largest Buddhist temple in Indonesia, after Borobudur, which was built at about the same time.

Admission to Candi Sewu is included in the admission to the Prambanan. The two temples should be visited at the same time.