Yogyakarta Weather

Like all of Indonesia, Yogyakarta has a tropical climate, with warm temperatures all year and an annual monsoon. It's worth noting for those in North America and Europe that Yogyakarta is south of the equator, so the coolest months are June, July and August, while the hottest months are April and December.

The cool season is also the driest time of year, while December, January and February are the wettest. As in most tropical countries, the rainy season is not necessarily a bad time to visit. The rain usually occurs in drenching late afternoon downpours, so as long as you plan your day appropriately, you can still enjoy your stay in Yogyakarta, at low season rates.

Five-Day Weather Forecast for Yogyakarta

Historical Weather Patterns for Yogyakarta

The charts below show the average high and low temperatures, as well as the average monthly rainfall. Note these are averages only. Some years, the dry season might be wet, and some years the wet season might be dry.

Average High & Low Temperatures (°C)
Average annual high and low temps in Yogyakarta
Average Monthly Rainfall (mm)
Average monthly rainfall in Yogyakarta