Gitgit Waterfalls

Along the narrow winding road from Lake Bratan down to Singaraja is the village of Gitgit, where you can stop and see some spectacular waterfalls. While there is a very nice scenery on Bali, Gitgit is one of the few purely natural spectacles on offer, and I think perhaps the most beautiful.

Overall view of three tiers of the falls Overall view of three tiers of the falls

There are three or four places to stop and see the falls along the road through the village. All involve some walking from the road. The photos here were taken from the vantage point accessed immediately south ("uphill") of Gitgit.

The falls drop down many levels, the tallest of which is around 45 meters (149 feet). Many smaller streams trickle down the stone walls and join the main river. There are a few Hindu shrines here and there. While it looks a little like a jungle, the forest surrounding the falls is mostly a clove plantation.

The trails to and along the falls are well built, so while there are a lot of stairs and a few rocks to climb, it's relatively safe and easy.

There is no admission fee to see the falls, but villagers do take donations for the support and improvement of access to them.