Tulamben - East Bali

Tulamben Travel Guide

Tulamben is where one of the Bali's most popular scuba dive sites is located: the wreck of the World War II era supply ship Liberty. Aside from the diving, there isn't a lot to recommend the area to non-divers. The beaches around Tulamben consist of large stones, so they're not good for sunbathing or beach sports at all, and there's generally very little surf to speak of. The hand full of hotels and resorts in Tulamben cater almost exclusively to divers, and many of them play host to van-loads of divers who make a day trip to Tulamben from more southern parts of Bali.

For more information about the diving around Tulamben and the services available, see our companion guide to scuba diving in Southeast Asia, SEA Undersea.