Family Fun in Kuala Lumpur

Sunway lagoon
Sunway Lagoon water park.

Kuala Lumpur is possibly one of the best cities in Southeast Asia for family with small children. Not only are many of the city's main attractions interesting to kids, but there are many options for keeping children of all ages entertained.

Bird Park

Located in a forested hill between the city center and the parliment buildings, the KL Bird Park features more than 3,000 flying freely in the world's largest aviary.

Mines Resort City

In addition to the shopping center featuring many attractions for kids, there is also a wonderland for children and other beach-like attractions.

Sunway Lagoon

Huge water park built into a former open-cast mine. There are slides, wave pools and other rides as well as arcade games and other distractions.


Beneath the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, near the twin towers, is Aquaria, a 60,000 square foot aquarium. Aquaria is open daily from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. Admission to Aquaria is RM 45 (9.16 USD) for adults, RM 35 for children.