Getting To Malaysia

Although its been trying to, Malaysia is not quite the transportation hub that Singapore or even Bangkok is, but it is easy to get to, especially from neighboring countries. Naturally, you can fly directly to many cities, at least from neighboring countries, but there are a couple of other interesting options worth considering.


Air travel is the natural choice to get to Malaysia. The national carrier, Malaysia Air System, flies between the Kuala Lumpur and most major cities around the world. Most regional carriers also fly into Kuala Lumpur, Penang and cities in East Malaysia.

Malaysia Air System
The national carrier flies internationally between Kuala Lumpur and major cities around the world. MAS is also the largest domestic air carrier.
Air Asia
Budget carrier Air Asia has become one of Malaysia's largest domestic carriers, and gone on to fly regionally, with operations in Thailand and Indonesia.

Cities in peninsular Malaysia are easily reached by train from either Singapore or Thailand. Malaysian Rail has daily trains traveling up and down the entire length of the peninsula.

Traveling by bus is not something that readily comes to mind, but there are some excellent services between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur that offer a level of comfort that can even out-do first class air flight. Check out Plus Liner for more information.