Singapore Airport Transfers

Getting from Changi Airport at the eastern end of the island to the central business area is generally very easy. The main choices are:

Taxis are usually plentiful and queues short at most times. The main exception is usually Sunday evenings. A taxi to the city are will run around S$15 (9.49 USD).
A special bus regularly leaves the airport for several downtown hotels. The cost is S$7 per person. Check to make sure your hotel is on the route.
A new (open in 2002) extension to the subway system brings the trains right to the airport. This is a good option if your hotel is near a station and you're traveling light. Luggage on the subway is limited to one bag about the size of a carry on.

Although transfers are quick and easy at the airport, if you're arriving at an odd hour or in a small group, you may wish to book a transfer in advance: