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Like its neighbor Thailand, Cambodia's year is generally divided into three seasons: the "cool season," "hot season" and "rainy season." But for travelers from Europe and North American these might more appropriately be labelled hot, really hot and really hot and wet. Fortunately, Kampot's location near the sea gives it a much more temperate climate than inland destinations.

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The cool season runs from November to February, and of course this is the best time to visit. High temperatures during this time are usually under 30°C (85°F) with night-time lows sometimes dipping below 20°C.

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While average temperatures are generally around 30°C all year around, daily highs from March to June can reach 38°.

The rainy season runs from around June to October, when the monsoons arrive from the Gulf of Thailand. Temperatures are almost as high as the hot season, but this isn't an entirely bad time to visit. The rains usually only last an hour or two in the afternoon, leaving the rest of the time to explore with the sights pretty much to yourself. Indeed, on my last visit in July 2010, there were many glorious mornings. The clouds gathered and looked ominous in the afternoon, but generally the most we got was a light shower.

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