Kampot, Cambodia Hotels

Kampot is still very much an 'up-and coming' destination. There are as yet no international hotels present, and within Kampot itself there is only one 'proper' hotel, the Borey Bokor, which doesn't have a web site and by all accounts is more suited to locals. The city does have several good guesthouses, which are the best places to stay if you want to spend several days in the area and like to get out of the hotel once in a while. There are several more 'remote' resorts along the river north of town. Of course, if you want to be on or near the beach, then you can easily stay in Kep and visit Kampot or Bokor on a day trip from there.

Many of the small bungalows and guesthouses are now listed with some of the big on-line agencies, allowing you the safety and security of advance booking. See the ad box above right for what is currently on offer from Agoda.