Angkor National Museum - Seam Reap

The Angkor National Museum in Siem Reap was opened in 2007 to provide an interpretive center for the history of the Khmer empire, as well as to display some of the many delicate and priceless artifacts rescued from the Angkor archaeological complex.

Entrance to the Angkor National Museum

The museum is on two levels. After paying your admission, you ascend a spiral ramp to the second level to start your journey through the galleries, which are more or less in a chronological order of Cambodian history. The first of the displays is the impressive Gallery of 1,000 Buddha Images. The walls are filled with small niches, each holding a different small Buddha image. More, larger images in various poses are displayed in the center of the room.

Further galleries document the evolution of the Khmer civilization. Proceeding to the first floor, the first gallery houses a impressive sound and light show about the Angkor Wat temple, while the next gallery is devoted to Angkor Thom.

You are, of course, eventually funneled into the Museum Shoppe. As museum stores go, it's actually pretty good, with some "signature" items you won't find in the other souvenir stalls around town.

Angkor National Museum Hours and Admission

The museum is open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, although you may find the ticket counter closes well before the museum closing time. Adult admission is US$12. Children under 1.2 meters (about 4 foot) tall get a 50% discount. You can rent an audio tour, available in seven languages, for an added $3. For an added $2 you can get a photography pass, but it's worth noting that you can't photograph any of the indoor exhibits, even with a pass.