Getting Around the Angkor Archaeological Park

Many people vastly under-estimate the size and scale of the Angkor site. Firstly, the main archaeological site is five to ten kilometers from Siem Reap town, where you'll be staying. Some important sites are more than 40 kilometers away. There are no taxis or any other public transportation within the park. In short, you'll need transport to visit Angkor. Your options include a tuk-tuk - a sort of motorcycle with a passenger trailer, a car with driver, or a car with driver and guide. The following daily rates for these can be used as a guideline. Fuel prices, time of year, and other factors can affect these. Just about everyone charges the same rates, so if you're quoted a price close to these, it's probably the current going rate.

Tuk-tuk $15
Car with driver $30
Car, driver & guide $50

For your first trip, a guide is highly recommended. They can show you things you won't find in any guidebook, and help you avoid the crowds.

Packaged Day Trips

If you want to book everything in advance and not worry about the details, you can look at one of the following day trips offered by Viator.