Bakong Temple - Roluos Group

Entrance tower to the Bakong

Bakong is the most impressive temple of the Roluos Group, and effectively the first temple mountain of Khmer art. It was started around the year 881 and also marks one of the earliest uses of stone instead of brick for the main structures. Like the temples that followed it for much of the next 400 years, the Bakong consists of a moat enclosing an east-facing rectangular complex, at the center of which is a multi-tiered central sanctuary. The sanctuary is surrounded by several towers, which were probably memorials for close members of the royal court.

The central sanctuary sits at the top of five widely spaced tiers, making is visible from anywhere in the temple. The present tower toping the stone mountain was probably built much later, around the twelfth century, which explains why its shape is different than the other towers around the base. The original structure may have been made of wood.

You can enter the temple from either the east or west side. It's quite easy to enter from the west and exit the east side. Although removed from the main Angkor Archaeological Park, you must still posses a valid admission pass to visit Bakong.

Satellite Image of the Bakong Temple
Plan of Bakong Temple
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