Editorial Calendar for Asia for Visitors

All new content as well as updates to this site are the result of my own travels. I try to re-visit the most popular destinations from my base in Bangkok at least once a year. There's no fixed plan; I go where it seems there's something new or different to cover, and I try to balance coverage of popular destinations with places that are off the beaten track. Since things in this region are often the subject of the whims of Nature and man, my long-term schedule tends to remain fluid, and is often only firm for the next three months.

The table below shows those destinations for which I've made some plans. A "Confirmed" status means I've made travel plans and will make the trip barring any last-minute difficulties. "Tentative" means I'm still in the planning phases. If you'd like me to visit your property or attraction while I'm in the area, with a view to getting coverage on this site, feel free to contact me with the details.

Dates Destination Status

Kindley note that, due to some family issues I'm unable to make any confirmed plans at this time.