Disclosures regarding Asia for Visitors

This site is the result of my own travels, which by and large aren't that much different from your travels, at least in the way I plan them. I make my own hotel reservations using the same booking sites listed here, reserve my own flights, and make my way to the sights of each destination on my own, just as you would do.

Unless specifically noted otherwise in the content, I have accepted no compensation in any form (no free stays, no subsidized rates, etc.) for any review or any coverage of the sights, destinations, accommodations, etc. covered by this guide. The opinions expressed about any place are entirely my own. I generally do receive a commission or other payment if you book hotels or tours linked to from this site - which I encourage you to do, because that's how I make the money to keep this site going.

Where content has been provided by someone else - such as hotel information - it is specifically identified as such. Likewise, if I have received any form of direct compensation for a review, such as a free or discounted stay, then that information will be clearly disclosed on the same page as the content.

No compensation of any kind has been offered or accepted for any link to any site contained with the content of Bangkok for Visitors. Any link in the content is there because I felt it might be useful to you.