Fort Cornwallis, Penang

Cannons of Fort Cornwallis
Some of the cannons of Fort Cornwallis in Penang.

The stone walls of Fort Cornwallis are among the oldest parts of Geogetown. The fort stands roughly on the same spot where Francis Light first landed on the then almost uninhabitated island in 1786. The fort was originally constructed from wood, but around 1808 prison labor was used to rebuild it in stone. The fort was needed to protect the new city from the Dutch and pirates, although as it turned out it never saw battle.

While the stone walls are original, much of the interior is a reconstruction meant to evoke the look of the fort in colonial times. The old barracks now house offices and galleries of old photographs.

The for is open daily from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm. Admission is 2 Ringgit (0.41 USD).