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Luang Prabang's northerly location gives it more pronounced seasons that other Southeast Asian destinations, although the climate is still decidedly tropical. As in Thailand to the south, there is a cool and dry season from November to March, which is the best time to visit. The monsoon begins in April, and peaks in August. See box at right for current conditions. Visit Weather Underground for more details.

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Luang Prabang has a greater temperature range than more southerly cities. Nights can be very cold from December to February, while days in March and April can be extremely hot, before the rains arrive.

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The rainy season is very pronounced in Luang Prabang, with the rain increasing steady from April to peak in August. However, we would hasten to point out that the rainy season is not an entirely bad time to visit. Having visited Luang Prabang in August ourselves, we can vouchfor the fact that the rains come inthe late afternoon, leaving clear mornings to explore the city before retiring for an afternoon nap before dinner.

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