Getting to Myanmar (Burma)

The only sure-fire way to get more than a few kilometers inside of Myanmar is to fly. Although Mandalay has a brand new state of the art international airport, as yet very few international carriers fly there. Almost all international flights land at Yangon's Mingaladon Airport. The name sounds a bit like a dinosaur, and that impression is reinforced by your arrival there, although a new terminal is under construction.

Airlines Serving Myanmar

Sanctions have kept most western airlines out of Myanmar, so getting there will most likely involve a transit in Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

Thai Airways
The Thai flag carrier flies to Yangon daily from Bangkok. You can book tickets online through their web site.
Bangkok Airways
Thailand's second carrier also flies daily between Bangkok and Yangon.
Malaysia Air System
The Malaysian national carrier flies internationally between Kuala Lumpur and major cities around the world.
Silk Air
This Singaporean airline flies between Singapore and Yangon every day.

Visas for Myanmar

Note: The visa situation is somewhat in flux. It appears that visa-on-arrival for some countries may be introduced some time in 2012. Please check with your local embassy or consulate for exact details on the current situation.

You will need a visa to enter Myanmar. You can obtain a visa at any embassy or consulate of Myanmar. The basic tourist visa is good for a stay of up to four weeks (28 days).

You can get a visa from the embassy in Bangkok, if transiting there. Apply for the visa before noon and you can get your visa after noon the next day. The cost is 800 Baht (20.78 USD). For an additional 400 Baht (10.39 USD) you can get the visa the same day, but be warned you need to get to the Embassy first thing in the morning. In any event, be prepared for long waits in a queue. You can have a travel agent do this for you. There are several of them around Bangkok that specialize in Myanmar travel. You'll need to contact them to make domestic flight arrangements in Myanmar anyway, since the domestic carriers are generally not online.

Departure Tax

There is a US$10 (payable in dollars only) departure tax that must be paid on leaving Myanmar. Don't forget to set aside this amount.