Sarawak Museum, Kuching

The Sarawak Museum
The main building of the Sarawak Museum

The Sarawak Museum is the state's primary venue for displaying the art and history of Sarawak. From a single building the museum has grown into a complex of exhibition halls each displaying a different aspect of the state's cultural heritage. Each of the various building is discussed in detailed in the following pages.

Sarawak Museum Complex Map
Sarawak Museum Map
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Natural History Museum
This small building displays some examples of the rich flora and fauna of Sarawak.
Art Museum
A former library, the Art Museum displays both traditional and contemporary art from Sarawak.
Ethnology Hall
The main original building of the Sarawak Museum houses the ethnology exhibit.
Tun Abdul Razak Hall
The 'new' exhibition hall displays many cultural artifacts from the modern era of Sarawak.
Islamic Museum
The museum's galleries cover the history of Islam in Sarawak, Islamic architecture, science, the arts and weaponry.
Housed in a beautiful Victorian pavilion, the aquarium displays samples of fish from around Sarawak.

The museum sits in large landscaped grounds that includes an arboretum, but there's also quite a few graves scattered around.