Langkawi Island Sights

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The main attractions of Langkawi are its intimate beaches and natural scenery. Away from the beaches, there's not a whole lot to see, and nothing we would really categorize as 'must see'. The closest would be the thrilling cable car ride to the top of Mat Chinchang mountain, with the panoramic views from the top.

Map of Langkawi
Langkawi Map
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You can see just about everything there is to see in one afternoon. You can either book a group tour through your hotel tour desk, or you can just rent a car with a driver to take you exactly where you want to do. The cost for a four hour rental is about 150 Ringgit (less than US$ 40).

Mahsuri Tomb

Mahsuri was a young woman in the late eighteenth century who was apparently wrongly accused of adultery and put to death. Her tomb about 12 kilometers (8 miles) from Kuah town is something of a pilgrimage destination for Malaysians.

Batik Art Village

Not far from the airport is the Batik Art Village. Really just fancy clothes shop, there is a shed beside the shop where you can see some batik paintings being created.

Burau Bay

Burau Bay is located at the western end of the island, and surrounds the small Burau island. The island roughly bisects the bay. To one side is Kok beach, with the old movie set now called the Summer Palace. Further to the west is Oriental Village with its cable car to the top of Mount Mat Chinchang.

The Oriental Village itself is an interesting collection of buildings in various Asian styles grouped around a small pond and gardens. At least, it would probably be interesting if the shops were open. They were all closed in May 2003 due to some ownership conflicts. They are expected to be reopened in the near future. Some restaurants remain open.

Not far from Oriental Village is one of the island's most spectacular waterfalls, called Telaga Tujuh, which means 'Seven Wells'. The name comes from the seven cascades which make up the nearly 100 meter high falls. The falls can be quite spectacular, but around May and June, the water drops to a tiny trickle that's far from spectacular.

Kompleks Kraf Langkawi

In the center of the north coast of Langkawi is the huge and rather sad Kompleks Kraf Langkawi ('Langkawi Craft Complex'). It is, as the name implies, a very large handicraft shop. Sort of a shopping mall filled with nothing but handicraft stalls, actually. Some of the stuff isn't half bad, but the place is so big and empty that it's a little daunting. In the center of the complex is a sort of museum with several dioramas illustrating the legend of Mahsuri, among other events from Langkawi's history.

Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach
The Black Sand Beach

Just down the road from the Craft Complex is the 'Black Sand' beach. Its not the pretty volcanic beach the name implies. The sand is streaked black with some run-off from a nearby hot spring. It looks more like it's been stained by an oil spill. Like most Langkawi beaches, it's also steep and narrow.