Mangrove Forest

Along the northeast coast of Langkawi, behind Tanjung Rhu beach is a large mangrove forest. Set among the sheer stone outcroppings of the island, a half day boat trip the forest makes for a very interesting trip. In addition to the spectacular scenery, there's an abundance of wildlife to catch sight of as well.

A typical trip starts at the dock in Tanjung Rhu and takes you through several channels lined with mangrove trees, through a cave and eventually to a larger bay where you'll see several large sailboats from all over the world at anchor in the protected cove. Some fish farms also share the bay. These have become such tourist attractions that the fish now on display seem more like pets than livestock destined for tables at local restaurants.

Some tours also include a special 'eagle feeding' show where the island's symbolic brown eagles are enticed close to the boat with raw chicken viscera. Its quite spectacular and definitely worth verifying that this is included in any tour you book.

A spectacled monkey in the mangrove trees

In addition to eagles, you'll probably also see large monitor lizards, spectacled monkeys, and bats. The bats are found in their own cave (duh!) that is also a common stop on the tour.

Our tour concluded with a trip across the open ocean back to the Tanjung Rhu cove. Along the way are more spectacular rock outcrops, local fishermen (our guide even bought some fish and shrimp right off one of the boats) and more eagles.

Booking Tours

Tours to the mangrove forest can be booked at most resort tour desks. You may be able to book in advance through our partners. Any available tours will be listed below.