Getting to Makassar

Makassar is the major transportation hub to Eastern Indonesia as well as Southern Sulawesi, with connections to the rest of the island by bus and boat. Makassar is the primary port for Eastern Indonesia, so you can use the Pelni ships to or from Surabaya, Jakarta and Balikpapan.

Makassar by Air

Of course, the fastest way to get to Makassar is by air. The city's brand new air terminal is served by most of Indonesia's domestic carriers. There are several flights a day to and from Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar, with less frequent service to other destinations in Indonesia. There are not too many international airlines still serving Makassar. From other countries, you may find it easier to fly through Jakarta or Bali to get to Makassar. See our related site, the Asia Airports Guide for a complete run-down on Hasanuddin Airport, including airlines, flight schedules and other information.

Makassar Departure Tax

On domestic flights, you will need to pay a departure tax of 30,000 Rupiah (1.80 USD). The tax is paid at the entry to the departure lounge. However, note that as of 3 October 2012, the tax has been included in the ticket price for Garuda Indonesia passengers only. If you are flying Gaurda, you do not need to pay the departure tax at the airport.