Bandung Shopping

Shopping is one of the primary attractions for Indonesians visiting Bandung. The other is eating. The main item on sale is clothing. There are a number of outlet style shops in and around Bandung. The shops are mainly found along the streets of Juanda (Dago), Cipaganti, Martadinata (Riau) and Cihampelas. Cihampelas street is best known for jeans. The shops here boast huge fantastical statues of comic book or movie characters on their roofs and shop fronts. The jeans here are mostly copies, and many say the quality is not very good.

Just off Cihampelas street is a large shopping center called Cihampelas Walk, or Ciwalk for short. The mall features a pleasant outdoor 'street' of restaurants and cafes that makes it a good place to grab a bite while shopping. Over on Mendeka street is another big mall, Plaza Bandung Indah, while over on Cipaganti street is the brand new Paris Van Java shopping center featuring a Sogo department store, Carrefour and a cineplex with more than a dozen theaters. There's also a row of restaurants lining the street side of the low-rise complex.