Restaurants in Solo

Street Carts
Some nice carts on the streets of Solo

One potential drawback to using Solo as a base for sightseeing is a shortage of traveler-friendly dining options. Which is not to say there isn't a lot to eat around town. Like any Indonesian city, there are street stalls everywhere, selling meatball soups, fried noodles and other standards. These are generally only for the adventurous with at least some command of Indonesian.

There are, of course, many restaurants around town as well, although it seemed that very few of them had menus in English. This is a town where it helps to have a local friend or guide, especially if you want to sample the local delicacies.

In a pinch, you will find a few western fast food places around town. What you won't find, oddly, are coffee shops. While you'll find local coffee chains all over Indonesia, they don't seem to have come to downtown Solo yet.