Flores Travel Guide

Map of Flores
Flores Island map
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Flores is a huge island east of Bali and south of Sulawesi. Most people only pass through Labuan Bajo on Flores' western tip on their way to the Komodo National Park to see the dragons, but there's actually quite a bit to see on Flores, for the adventurous.

The travel infrastructure of Flores is rudimentary at best. There is only one, mostly two-lane, road that runs the 200 kilometer length of the island, and due to the rugged terrain, it takes 700 kilometers of road to cover the distance. In addition, there are few accommodations of international standard along the way.

Aside from Komodo, Flores' main sights are on the eastern end of the island, where the Kelimutu Crater Lakes is the main attraction. The gateway to the eastern part of Flores is Maumere, the island's largest city.