Surfing on Bali

Surfing is by far the number one outdoor activity around South Bali. The beaches around Kuta-Legian are best suited to beginners, and lessons are available along with equipment rental from several outlets along the beach (see Surf School links below).

Surfs Up!
Catching a wave off Kuta beach on Bali

More experienced "hard core" surfers often head south to the many small, almost hidden, coves beneath the cliffs of Ulu Watu. One such place is Sunset Beach, within the compound of a defunct housing project. From an ad-hoc parking area at the top of a cliff, a narrow path makes its way down to the beach. Several bungalows with rooms for rent are perched along the path. The beach at the base of the cliff is only about 100 meters long.

Another surfer, another wave.
Surfing Bali
Another surfer, another wave.

Bali Surf Schools

Bali Learn to Surf
"Experience the thrill of surfing taught by qualified professional instructors on Kuta Beach Bali. Our surf school's two and half hour lesson first teaches you the basic art of paddling and mounting your board then after learning water safety, surf etiquette and board handling you'll be ready to hit the waves. We guarantee that before you know it you'll be standing up on your board and riding a wave, wondering why you never did this before."
Rip Curl School of Surf
"Join Bali's leading surf school and receive expert and safe tuition from our professional surfing instructors. With three classes daily, modular surf lessons can be arranged to suit your holiday in Bali, and cover beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with guaranteed results. We also offer private surf lessons at all levels and can provide surf guides for exclusive surf trips to some of Bali's best breaks."

Bali Surfing Guides

The Stormrider Surf Guide Indonesia and the Indian Ocean (World’s Best Surfing)


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Indo Surf & Lingo

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