Gubyauknge Temple, Bagan

Gubyauknge Temple
The Gubyauknge Temple in Bagan, Myanmar

Just outside the village of Nyaung U is the Gubyauknge Temple, built in the early 13th century. The temple is quite small, with a pyramidal spire on top similar to the Mahabhodi Temple in Bohdgaya, India.

On the outside, you can just make out some of the remaining fine stucco work. Inside are some fine murals depicting the Jakata, the last life of Buddha. Some of the murals were clearly removed, and reportedly "collected" by a German in 1899.

Note: Photography is not allowed inside the temple.

Note: Like all temples in Myanmar, you must remove your shoes and socks before entering the temple compound. Your best bet is to wear a simple pair of sandles, as the Burmese do. Generally, it's considered "bad form" to carry your shoes into the temple. Lockers are often provided at the more popular temples.