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Tucked into the same building that houses their Hill Tribe Museum, the Chiang Rai city branch of Cabbages & Condoms has the same rustic greasy-spoon charm of their Bangkok restaurant. This was my first stop after arriving in Chiang Rai and checking in to my hotel, which was just around the corner. I hadn’t had any breakfast, so I was hungry when I arrived.

It’s a good thing I was hungry, since the menu is mostly ala-carte dishes, with very few single plates of rice or noodles. I ended up ordering an old favorite I haven’t had for a while, a stuffed omelet (Kai Yud Sai), with a plate of rice.

Stuffed Omelet

Classic Thai stuffed omelet (Kai Yud Sai)

The food was served quickly and looked exactly right. This dish is a bit tricky, as it’s hard to fold the cooked egg and slide it onto a plate without breaking it. Inside, the mix of ground pork, vegetables and sauce was just right. This is generally a mild dish, and Cabbages & Condoms’ version fell within expectations, although it did have a nice little peppery kick to it.

Prices in Chiang Rai are cheap, so expect to pay around 100 Baht or less per dish. The restaurant is open daily from 11:00 amd until 10:00 pm. See the PDA web site for a map and more information.

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