You’re Staying Where? Southeast Asia’s Silliest Hotel Names

It’s ‘interesting’ – in the Chinese curse sense of the word – how tourism continues to develop in Southeast Asia. It wasn’t that long ago that I was able to boast about “now having more than 10,000 hotels” in my database of hotels that are provided by discount booking sites such as Agoda. Now it looks like the number may soon breach 20,000 properties. I update this database about once a month, and every month there are hundreds of new hotels.

It must be difficult coming with new hotel names, if you’re not part of a chain, especially in a crowded market like Phuket, where there are already well over 1,000 hotels. So I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that a few, shall we say quirky, names show up from time to time. Quirky isn’t necessary bad. It can get your attention, but it could also be a turn-off. Imagine telling your friends you’re staying at some of these places.

Listed below are some of the stranger names I’ve run across recently. I’ve included links to the detailed information pages for each of these places so you’ll know I’m not making this up, but note that I haven’t stayed at any of these places, so these are not recommendations.

Roach Reefs Resort Bungalow

Roach Reefs Resort Bungalow

Roach Reefs Resort (Tawau, Malaysia)
Apparently, this is a resort catering mostly to scuba divers. I’m a diver, but Roach Reefs is not a place I’ve heard of. I do know Tawau is the jumping off point for divers heading to Sipadan, but that destination is still a few hours away by road and boat. Oh, and as if the name weren’t bad enough, this ‘resort’ warrants only one star.

Shita Hotel & Spa (Bali, Indonesia)
I actually tracked down this hotel’s web site to see if they explained what ‘Shita’ really means. They don’t say. I’m sure it must mean something lovely in Balinese, but did nobody actually stop to think how this would sound to an English-speaking visitor?

Faulty Towers (Pattaya, Thailand)
This one is a bit curious. At first, it appears to be a homage to the John Cleese series, although Basil Fawlty’s hotel would seem to a terrible role model for a place, and you’ll note the spelling is wrong. On further investigation, I found out that there really was a Fawlty Towers Guesthouse in Pattaya, but it closed down in October of 2011. Apparently it was rather popular. This hotel may be an attempt to play on the good name of the old place. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen such a thing, and it seems to be especially common in Pattaya. I note there are no pictures in their listing and I can’t find a web site for the place.

The Village Noshery (Sapa, Vietnam)
I added this one in because, while the name is a bit odd, it does sound like a place I might like to stay. Their profile on Agoda does feature lots of nice pictures of food, although the hotel itself is unreviewed as yet.

Sleep Here Hotel (Phuket, Thailand)
You have to admire the direct approach, and Thailand has no end of places taking that tack. I picked this one for being the most direct, although a close second was Sleep with me, also in Phuket, which has a little more charm (and gets better reviews). There is also a hostel in Phuket called Sleep Sheep, but I don’t even want to go there.

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