Photo – Wat Indrawiharn

Today’s photo is of the big Buddha statue of Wat Indrawiharn in Bangkok. When I first came to Bangkok in 1987, you could see the big, 100 foot-high statue from any high place around the old city, and especially the Golden Mount. These days I couldn’t even pick it out the last time I visited the mount. It’s been almost hidden by surrounding structures that are taller.

Standing Buddha

Looking up at the giant standing Buddha of Wat Indrawiharn

With the decreased visibility, the temple seems to have faded as a tourist attraction. It still gets them, but these days it’s only a small trickle. Like the much more famous Wat Po, there’s a bit more to the temple than the big Buddha. The ornate boundary markers around the ordination hall point to the temple’s Ayutthaya-era roots, and there are several Chinese and Hindu-inspired shrines around the compound, not to mention a lot of cats.

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